MASKproblue - tiara 2 phantom

With varying face shapes from player to player, it’s critical that you find a mask that fits your own to avoid water leaking-in during play. Vacuum-test carefully at your dive shop for a snug fit.

  • Lens – dual-lens, not single-lens (for safety)
  • Volume – low-volume better than high-volume (for streamlining; to minimize getting knocked by other players)


The simpler, the better.

  • Construction – simple J-shape better than with purge-valve (for streamlining; to minimize snagging)
  • Bore (diameter) – big-bore better than small-bore (for easier breathing)


Fins should match your leg strength and not hurt your legs/joints.

  • Length – long enough for enough thrust… but avoid too long to retain maneuverability and tighter turning, and to minimize snagging on other players
  • Weight – avoid too heavy to allow for quickness and to avoid leg fatigue
  • Stiffness – stiff enough for enough thrust… but avoid too stiff to avoid leg fatigue, cramping and injury

Checkout these fins:

Model: Mares Avanti Tre
Manufacturer: Maresmares avanti tre - yellow
Model: Technisub Stratos FP
Manufacturer: Technisubtechnisub stratos fp - blue
Model: Mares Avanti Superchannel FF
Manufacturer: Maresavanti superchannel ff - red
“Power Fins”
Model: Power Fins
Manufacturer: Performance Diverperformance diver - power fins
Model: Mares Quattro Power
Manufacturer: Maresavanti quattro power - black
Model: Hockey Nemo
Manufacturer: Water Way Companynemos
“Leaders” (open-heel)
Model: UWG Fins 210
Manufacturer: Leaderfinsleaderfins uwg 210
“Leaders” (full-foot)
Model: UWG Fins Carbon
Manufacturer: Leaderfinsleaderfins uwg carbon
“Breiers” (open-heel)
Model: E02 UWH Carbon (Breier pocket)
Manufacturer: Breier Finsbreiers - open heel
“Breiers” (full-foot)
Model: E04 UWH Carbon (Beuchat pocket)
Manufacturer: Breier Finsbreiers
“Mat Mas” (open-heel)
Model: Strapback Carbonplus
Manufacturer: Mat Masmat mas - strapback carbonplus
“Mat Mas” (full-foot)
Model: Full-foot Pocket Carbonplus
Manufacturer: Mat Masmat mas - fullfoot carbonplus


No shortcuts. Keep trying different sticks until you find one that suits your game.

  • Size – small/slim for quick hand movement (e.g. forwards)… or large/thick for power flicks and better blocking (e.g. backs)
  • Material – wood for better feel… or synthetic for durability

Checkout these popular suppliers:

GLOVEhockey subacuatico sevilla - country gloves

Fancy ‘n attractive gloves available for purchase… but nothing beats homemade gloves for budget and comfort.

  • Thickness – extra padding on areas which will receive most impact (e.g. knuckles, fingers)… and no padding needed for inside of hand (i.e. palm)

Inquire with the club regarding the next glove-making session.

PUCKcanam - uni2 technicolor

Having a personal puck for solo practice in-between game nights at a private pool (or even on a tabletop!) can do wonders for your flicking and puck-handling.

  • Speed – quicker (i.e. more slippery) pucks for a faster-paced game
  • Stability – some pucks tend to wobble too much making puck-handling more difficult
  • Grip – grippier pucks (e.g. rubbery) allow for higher flicks and surer puck handling
  • Hardness – harder pucks generally play faster but are more taxing on tiles upon landing


Compulsory to protect your eardrums from injury due to any accidental blow to your ears.

  • Stiffness (Plastic Ear Cups) – stiffer the better against stronger blows to the ears

Purchased in sets so place your order with the club in time for the next bulk purchase.


Compulsory (to avoid kissing any flying pucks).

Purchased in sets so place your order with the club in time for the next bulk purchase.


Not necessary if your fins already fit snugly… but advisable for tournaments.

fin keepers