China Clubs

For those heading to China and looking for places to play Underwater Hockey, look it up at the link


Guest for the week

A great time having our guest Alistair, Rachel and Bryan playing with us.

Guest with Us

Guest: Alistair, Rachel and Bryan

Visiting Guests – August 2011

Simon Talbot – Hobart (AUS)
Rob Feist – Dunedin (NZL)

Aldous De Leon – PUHC (PHI)
Alex Reyes – PUHC (PHI)
Andy Bassan – PUHC (PHI)
Cris Bernardo – PUHC (PHI)
Eric & Taleng Imperio – PUHC (PHI)
Freddie Reyes – PUHC (PHI)
Gingging Mendoza – PUHC (PHI)
Ivy Canlas – PUHC (PHI)
Jomen Mendoza – PUHC (PHI)
Kelvin Tan – PUHC (PHI)
Ram & Emi Jorge – PUHC (PHI)
Robbie Papa – PUHC (PHI)