About Us

Stirling Underwater Hockey Club (SUHC)

Logo-MerlionThe Stirling Underwater Hockey Club (SUHC) was established in 2004 with the purposes of introducing and promoting this exciting game in Singapore.

With active members from several countries: Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Belgium, South Africa, Portugal, Neatherlands, Australia, Germany and the UK, SUHC is easily one of the world’s most international underwater hockey clubs.  SUHCers range in age from sixteen-year-old teens to seniors in their fiftees, and the group consists of a relatively high proportion of female players (around one-out-of-three are women).

SUHC has engaged its UWH neighbors Australia, Japan, New Zealand and the Philippines in friendly competition, topping things off by hosting the first Asian Underwater Hockey Championships (the AUHCs) in 2007 here in Singapore.

We invite all sports enthusiasts, fitness buffs, and anyone who simply loves to play in the water to come join us for our twice-weekly games.  Experienced players are on-hand to teach the basics to new players and anyone interested in trying out this exciting team sport.